welcome to my doujin den ✨

I'm Arimia, a visual novel developer who started collecting doujins in 2022. some of these are doujin fangames, made by very passionate Japanese developers, and have been lost to time. until now.

most of the doujins I own have a nonredistribute license from the circles, so while I'd love to share the original exe files I won't unless I can get in contact with the circles. here, I'll mainly be sharing screenshots, the guidebooks, and summaries of the games as well as any info I can find about the games/circles. I aim to archive what I can here, as some of these games have no internet presence anymore.

I'm not good with Japanese so I'm unable to translate a lot of what I find, I can read it just enough to understand it for myself (understanding and translating are 2 very different things). if I do provide translations, they're usually summaries.

if you have a tip for a fangame you've found, let me know!

my mascot rimia drawn by checkers yusaku by su2 allen from allepara
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武藤遊戯×海馬瀬人アンソロジー「GAME×ROAD」 moonlight cafe my king